Earn a credit Certificate in management from the Luxury Hotelschool Paris in this online course with 30 hours of study over a 3-month period.

In the luxury industry, very high quality and guest satisfaction can only be reached by a motivated staff. In this course, you will learn how to manage your own motivation and how to motivate others through esteem, rewards and feedback.

Understand the sources of your own motivation with the following questionnaire about your online studies.

Motivation is the most important task of a manager. If you can be a good motivator, you will be a good manager because your team will be efficient.

Learn motivation techniques to have a good foundation in management. During the course, your access to the school's eLibrary will allow you to study related topics such as HR, cross-cultural management and leadership.

Your certificate in management from the Luxury Hotelschool Paris is a plus on your resume and a great asset for your career.